About Us

Solarflexion is a leading provider of high-quality solar products and services. We specialize in Off Grid and Grid Tie applications. Our extensive product line allows us to offer services for: System Sizing, Design, Engineering Support, and Product Procurement for solar renewable applications. We service B2C and B2B inquiries. Whether you are shopping for a replacement part, searching for material for your project, or require sizing, design, and engineering - we can help you. Don’t see what you are looking for? Call us at (800)942-2424 and one of our experienced team members can assist you.

We have partnered with manufacturers and industry leaders to service a variety of applications and related industries that require solar renewable energy. The Solarflexion team of experienced professionals are knowledgeable and our consultative approach will ensure that you and your project are well guided from start to finish. Our company philosophy is to focus on your needs and deliver successful solutions. At Solarflexion, we “provide the best for our customers, so we can provide the best for our families.™