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Thank you for visiting our Knowledge Base! This tool is to help consumers like yourself understand more about industry trends, news, and latest products! If you have any questions about a project, product, system sizing, design, or engineering, please contact us at (800)-942-2424 and a Team Member will be happy to help you!

New! Oxbox Energy Storage System

Have you heard about the BAE Oxbox Energy Storage? Emergency backup, cutting utility cost, or off-grid living are just some of the many applications of the Oxbox Energy Storage. Learn more about its applications and benefits.

New! Dragonfly Energy Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries is gaining popularity in the industry. Learn more about how Dragonfly Energy Lithium Batteries can help you and its multi-use applications.

California Rule 21

Want to learn more about California Rule 21 compliance? Visit this website from California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

UL1741 & CA Rule 21

Learn more about UL1741 and its relationship with California Rule 21 as one is a certification and the other is a 3-phase roll out policy.

Home Battery Backup

I'm interested in battery backup for my home, but not sure what my storage options or options are. You can learn more here or give us, Solarflexion, a call at (800)942-2424.