Oxbox Energy Storage System

BAE Oxbox Energy Storage System sitting outside of a home

Oxbox, dependable and durable, is great for storing energy generated by a solar array, a generator, or the utility. Use it for emergency backup, cutting utility costs, or to live completely off-grid with the energy you generate and store.

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3-4x More Powerful Than Lithium

A single Oxbox can produce 3–4 times more power than a single lithium-based device. Furthermore, due to Oxbox's enormous capacity, only a small portion of its total power is released during a single load cycle. Simply put, Oxbox is the best option for solar and home backup applications since our cutting-edge lead-acid batteries are built for both daily cycling and extended duration.

Lithium Unit

In less than a day, a lithium unit's useable energy is depleted by 80–100%.

Oxbox Unit

After a day of operation, the Oxbox system will still have 70–80% of its original capacity, providing 2-3 days of useful energy before requiring a recharge.

Powered By BAE Secura PVV Cell Solar Batteries

Packed with valve-regulated lead-acid batteries (VRLA Tubular Plate GEL), Oxbox provides the ideal way to store energy. Because of their special electrode design and fixed gel electrolyte, the batteries built into Oxbox deliver rock-solid, maintenance-free performance, along with an impressive cycle lifetime.

BAE Secura PVV Cell Solar Batteries in an Oxbox Energy Storage
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More Flexibility Means More Freedom

Install your Oxbox almost anywhere and connect to almost anything. Oxbox gives you truly flexible options on where your unit is placed, what systems you’re able to connect it to and how it’s used to store and provide you with power. Other systems limit your choices to just what their proprietary components can do. Oxbox is UL 1989 / UL 1973 / UL 9540 certified.

Connect to solar


Connect to wind


Connect to the grid


Connects anywhere and can connect up to 4 units in a single system

Most household loads can be supported by the Oxbox ESB-48V-40 unit for up to three days without the need for recharging. You can connect up to three additional Oxbox units in parallel if your home requires a higher load or if you need backup power for longer than three days.

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Oxbox Energy Storage System

Rugged, corrosion-resistant powder-coated aluminum

Designed for exterior use but may be installed inside a home

Includes a 250 amp disconnect on the exterior

Main enclosure and disconnect box may be padlocked

Side louvers for ventilation

Removable side panel for easy installation

Hinged lid with a support for easy servicing

2” conduit hole (2.5” O.D.) to accommodate input wiring (wiring and conduit not included)