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Wave poe (power over ethernet)

The Solarflexion WAVE PoE (Power Over Ethernet) utilizes all the advantages of the Solarflexion WAVE Remote Power System and adds Power Over Ethernet injectors and switches for powering PoE devices. These systems are ultra efficient, as the PoE injectors work directly with the solar power system to avoid the losses that occur with an AC Inverter.

Another advanced feature of the WAVE PoE over the basic WAVE system is the addition of remote monitoring and control. The controller communications are established via an Ethernet connection that comes directly from the included PoE switch.

Check out the below video of a WAVE PoE in a real world application.

A 24VDC passive PoE injector provides up to 19Watts @ 24VDC for passive PoE loads (e.g. Ubiquiti radios) The PoE 5 port switch provides IEEE 802.3af or IEEE 802.3 at outputs up to 35Watts on 4 ports and can power various loads such as cameras, audible alarms, radios, and lighting. These systems are designed to be pole mounted, and include all interconnects and mounting hardware.

WAVE PoE can be set up to many different systems such as cameras, lighting, alarms, and more

Solarflexion currently offers two standard systems, but most are customarily sized and designed to suit your application profile. To discuss a Power over Ethernet project or for a quotation on a custom designed application, contact us at 800-942-2424.


Solarflexion WAVE-360-200-24-POE Product

Solarflexion WAVE-360-200-24-POE 360W 200Ah 24VDC Power Over Ethernet

Our Price : $3,978.64

Solarflexion WAVE-720-300-24-POE Product

Solarflexion WAVE-720-300-24-POE 720W 300Ah 24VDC Power Over Ethernet

Our Price : $4,952.33

All WAVE PoE systems are built to order including the two standard systems.