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Phocos ECO-N-MPPT-85-15 15A 12/24VDC MPPT Charge Controller

Phocos ECO-N-MPPT-85-15 15A 12/24VDC MPPT Charge Controller

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Product Code: ECO-N-MPPT-85-15

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Phocos ECO-N-MPPT-85-15 15A 12/24VDC MPPT Charge Controller

Manufacturer Part#: ECO-N-MPPT-85-15

ECO-N-MPPT is the intelligent, cost-effective choice for low-power applications that require maximum charging efficiency. Phocos’ high-performance maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm ensures optimal charging current from your panel/array in all conditions. This results in up to 30% higher power yield than conventional PWM charge controllers. This added efficiency paired with Phocos’ precision 4-stage, temperature-compensated (external temperature sensor included) charge regime significantly extends battery lifespan, reducing number of battery replacements over the useable life of the system.

The encapsulated housing and corrosion-resistant wire terminals protect the ECO-N-MPPT from the harshest environments. An intuitive, 3-LED interface display basic system status data including: charge on/off, low battery warning, high/low-voltage disconnect, and load over current/short circuit.


  • Works in 12 or 24 V battery systems (auto recognition)
  • Up to 98% power-conversion efficiency
  • Compact footprint fits in tight spaces
  • Rugged, potted design withstands vibration, dust, insects and water ingress
  • Install requires only a flathead screwdriver
  • Built-in low-voltage disconnect feature
  • Four-stage charging ensures maximum battery lifespan
  • User-selectable battery type
  • Lithium battery compatible
  • Programmable night light, battery type, charging voltages and discharge voltage limit (MXI accessory required)

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Electrical Specifications
System Voltage 12 / 24 V auto recognition
Max. Charge / Load Current 15 A
Float Charge 13.8 / 27.6 V (25°C)
Main Charge 14.4 / 28.8 V (25°C), 0.5 h daily
Boost Charge 14.4 / 28.8 V (25°C), 2 h
activation: < 12.3 / 24.6 V
General Specifications
(W x H x D)
147 x 90 x 31 mm
5.8 x 3.5 x 1.2 in
Weight 1.10 kg / 2.43 lbs
Ingress Protection IP68 casing / IP21 terminals
Certificates CE compliant, RoHS compliant
Warranty 5 years

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