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Xantrex 809-0913 > Freedom Sequence Intelligent Power Manager (EMS)

Xantrex 809-0913 > Freedom Sequence Intelligent Power Manager (EMS)

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Together with the Freedom SW Inverter/Charger, System Control Panel (SCP) and Automatic Generator Start (AGS), the Freedom Sequence provides a complete integrated power management solution for RVs. The Freedom Sequence enables you to monitor and control all the power components from a single, easy to use System Control Panel, rather than multiple, mismatched, control panels. When used with the Freedom SW Inverter/Charger and the Automatic Generator Start, the Freedom Sequence provides automatic generator starting and stopping and automatic inverter assist support for maximum load usage, all behind the scenes. These power components that form a single, cohesive ‘Freedom SW Power System’ are manufactured by Xantrex and are able to communicate with each other.

The Freedom Sequence automatically manages RV power needs while helping to minimize the nuisance caused by tripping of circuit breakers.

Electrical Specifications

Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to 60°C

Shedding for Split phase/Two phase input: Up to 50A/each line

Load Shedding for Single phase input: Up to 50A total

Input Voltage, Current measurement: Yes

Number of AC Circuits: 4

Number of DC Circuits: 4

Branch Circuit current monitoring: Yes

Type of AC Circuit connectors: Fast connect

Type of DC Circuit connectors: 16 position wire harness

AC Relays: 250 Vac, 15A Form B SPST

SPST DC Relays: 30 Vdc, 10A Class 2 SPDT

Max. Voltage, L N: 140 Vac

Operating Frequency: 40 to 75Hz

DC Input Voltage rating: 12/24V systems

Compatible System Control Panel (SCP): 809 0921

Compatible Automatic Generator Start (AGS): 809 0915

Installation environment: Indoor, Out of direct Weather

Regulatory compliance: UL 916, UL 458, FCC class B

Dimensions: (approx) 10” x 14” x 2.5”

Weight: (approx) 1 KG

Warranty: 2 year

Product Features

  • Manages the complex RV or boat power system from a single remote System Control Panel
  • Smooth integration with the Freedom SW inverter/charger to provide a total power solution
  • Power management for different available sources including 50-amp Service, 30-amp Service, 20-amp Service and Generator
  • Independent modular design allows use with any breaker panel
  • Automatic inverter assist mode to provide additional power to support high peak power demands
  • Automatically sheds and re-engages loads to avoid the nuisance circuit breaker tripping
  • 4 AC and 4 DC relays for wider options on load shedding
  • Automatic detection of 120/240 Vac split phase AC source
  • Real time independent monitoring of AC loads
  • Quick programming of custom OEM configuration
  • Quick-connect AC terminals for fast and easy AC wiring (no strain relief required)
  • Easy to operate and configure

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