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Chilicon Power Gateway w/ 7" LCD Touchscreen Control CP-GWY-100

Chilicon Power Gateway w/ 7" LCD Touchscreen Control CP-GWY-100

Our Price: $482.78

Product Code: CP-GWY-100



The GATEWAY monitoring system communicates with Chilicon microinverters, consumption monitoring clamps, and other smart home devices. It can be cloud interconnected or can run stand-alone. The GATEWAY provides a 7" 800 x 480 LCD Touch Screen making it informative and easy to use. Commissioning of the solar array's configuration occurs on the gateway screen and site configuration is automatically posted to cloud.chiliconpower.com when a customer enables cloud interaction. There is no need to use a laptop to connect the customer's site to the cloud since registration details are filled out on the touch-screen directly. PV array topology is also organized on the touch screen which enables single-step setup and verification of the system.

Powerline communication with the GATEWAY uses a sophisticated multi-rate, error-resistant, and encrypted powerline communications technology to connect to each microinverter without additional wiring. In addition, every inverter is part of a mesh network where each one can also act as a repeater, thereby extending the range and ensuring reliable communication in any situation.

In addition to the power line communications interferace to inverters, the GATEWAY also has a Z-Wave (908 MHz) wireless interface that enables power consumption monitoring via current clamps placed in any utility panel. Ethernet and WiFi are integrated in every gateway.


  • Plug & Play setup
  • Wi-Fi Enabled for easier installation
  • Communicates over existing electrical wires
  • Remote-control login
  • Secure Encryption to retain privacy
  • Multi-rate, Error-Resistant Technology
  • 255 microinverters per Gateway
  • Stand-alone mode for privacy

Home Automation - Home Security

In addition to solar monitoring, the Gateway is also capable of being the home security center of the home controlling Z-Wave sensors and Sirens. The Gateway Home Security center is fully featured with user management, status, arm away, arm stay and loggin of any relevant information to the security of the home. This enables installers to sell new features and differentiate themselves further to win more contracts.

Privacy & Security

The GATEWAY can optionally work in complete stand-alone mode where no data is transfered to the cloud. This means complete privacy of your data since it remains on your GATEWAY at home or in the office. Exporting data to the Cloud server ensures full data backup on a regular basis.

The security of one's power generation and consumption data is important (since it is an indication of occupancy and type of devices that you may be running in your home or office). All of our data transfers from the microinverters to the GATEWAY and from the GATEWAY to the Cloud are securely encrypted.



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